Career Counseling

Career counseling is a systematic approach to facilitating the career-decision making and job search PROCESS. It is a partnership between you and your career counselor designed to assist you in making important decisions about your major, career, job search or graduate studies.

NOTE: Recent CSULB graduates continue to have access to all of the services of the CDC without fees for one year after graduation. Other CSULB alumni who wish to use the services may do so on a subscription basis.

Important: From CareerLINK you can schedule appointments or to use CDC services. Please bring your student ID for easy check in.

Listed are ways in which you can get connected to a Career Counselor:

Got a quick question on a major or career-related matter? Need your resume critiqued? Drop-in advising is a 10-15 minute advising session available on a first-come, first-served basis in the CDC's Career Resource Library. No appointment necessary.

Drop-In Advising Hours:
Monday - Friday 11AM- 4:30PM

Professional career counselors are available to assist you on an individual basis with a range of career related concerns, such as:

  • Choosing or changing your major
  • Administering and interpreting career assessments
  • Deciding on and developing a career plan
  • Developing job search strategies
  • Building a resume and preparing for an interview
  • Considering and exploring graduate/professional school
  • Changing careers

You can make an appointment with a Career Counselor in one of the following 3 ways:

  • From CareerLINK click on [Request a Counseling Appointment]
  • Call us at (562) 985-4151
  • Visit the CDC located in Brotman Hall, 250

CDC Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM

Career Resource Library

The first place to start in planning your career is the Career Resource Library (CRL) which is located in the Career Development Center - Brotman Hall 250. Visit the library to browse through career books, see a drop-in advisor, or use online resources. Explore occupation descriptions, industry trends, resume and cover letter examples, interviewing tips, job search strategies, graduate school information, employment outlook, typical salaries, and required training/education for certain careers.

Six computers are available to use CareerLINK to search for jobs and internships, identify careers that match your skills and interests, create resumes, and use additional online resources for career planning. In addition, Drop-In Advisors are available 11am- 4pm, Monday through Friday to answer quick questions.

The Career Resource Library contains more than 700 books and publications. To view the titles or search by keyword, click on the following topics:

  • Career Planning : Includes books on careers based on interests, how to decide on a career, industry projections, job success, and changing careers.
  • Majors & Careers : Includes books on career opportunities for almost every major offered at CSULB
  • Resumes & Cover Letters : Includes books on writing resumes and cover letters (with examples), and creating portfolios and vitas.
  • Job Search : Includes books on preparing for an interview, planning a job search strategy, international opportunities, internship programs, and job search planning for special populations. Also featured in this section are networking and professional association directories, and regional job banks.
  • Employer Directories : Includes directories of employers in the industries of Art and Communication, Business, Education, Engineering/Technology, Entertainment, Environmental, Government, Health and Human Services, and Social Services.
  • College & Graduate School Information : Includes books on colleges/universities and graduate programs across the nation, as well as aides on preparing for graduate school admission.
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid : Includes books containing information on scholarships and funds available for college students.

To search for other related publications use COAST , the University Library online catalog.

The Career Development Center has online resources where you can start career planning or conduct a job search via the Internet.

  • : Explore hundreds of careers and focus on those matching the characteristics you want. Research careers related to subjects that you enjoy the most and identify which majors best match your interests. Take interests, values and skills assessments that will help you find the right career
  • Company and Industry Research: Use the CSULB Library to access databases, online magazines, journals, and publications.
  • California Career Zone: You can take four assessments on this site. The quick assessment allows you to indicate your top 3 interests and receive a list of occupations that match theses interests. If you want to go more in depth, select Interest Profiler to answer 180 questions about your interests and get similar results. The next two assessments, Skill Profiler and Work Importance Profiler will assess your skills and values and then match them with occupations.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH): The U.S. Department of Labor- Bureau of Labor Statistic’s information on hundreds of careers.
  • California Occupational Guides: Labor market information is specifically for jobs in CA.
  • Glassdoor is your free inside look at jobs and companies. Salary details, company reviews, and interview questions — all posted anonymously by employees and job seekers.
  • My Next Move
  • Research careers, preparation and salary advice, all in one location. My Next Move is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and the National Center for O*NET Development.
  • CandidCareer Videos : Explore career profiles. Access hundreds of short videos of industry professionals being interviewed about their jobs, and the education, training, skills, aptitudes and experience necessary to get hired. Search by career title, major, industry or keyword.

CareerLINK online resources where you can start career planning or conduct a job search via the Internet.

  • CareerLINK - Exclusive CSULB Jobs & Internships
  • More Jobs & Internships - Search national job postings
  • Going Global - Worldwide job & internship listings & career information
  • CareerShift - Online job hunting and career management tool
  • OptimalResume - Create and manage resumes
  • Interview Stream - Get ready for your job interview; record, review and practice interviewing
  • NACE Salary Calculator - Job salary estimator

Detecting Fraudulent Job Postings

Scams, Target You, Protect Yourself

Protect yourself from being caught in a scam using fraudulent job postings designed to elicit money or personal information. Educate yourself on what fraudulent job postings look like.

You may be viewing a fraudulent job posting if:

  • To view a list of All CSULB Known Phishing Reports
  • You are asked to provide your credit card, bank account numbers, social security number, or other personal financial documentation.
  • The posting appears to be from a reputable, familiar company, but the domain in the contact's email address does not match the domain used by representatives of the company or contains the domain
  • The job that the employer wants you to perform is different than the job that was posted. The employer may say he or she is out of the country and needs to have tasks completed prior to returning to USA. These tasks will involve money.
  • The position requires an initial investment, such as a payment by wire service or courier. Western Union is often referenced for such transactions.
  • You are asked to purchase prepaid cards (e.g. Green Dot MoneyPak)
  • The posting includes many spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You are sent a large check to deposit in your bank account to cover a purchase for the employer (these checks are worthless and will bounce).
  • The employer responds immediately after you submit your resume, asking for personal or financial information.
  • The position indicates a "first year compensation" that is far above the average compensation for that position type. The posting emphasizes the high earnings rather than job responsibilities.
  • The company's website contains information only about the job you are interested in, but lacks information about the company.