Parents & Families

Together, parents, families, and the members of the Career Development Center staff can help students make decisions that will lead them to an appropriate academic major and introduce them to a variety of career options.

The Career Development Center provides a full range of innovative programs and resources to assist your student in exploring academic and career alternatives, investigating and preparing for professional and graduate school programs, learning job search skills, strategies, and locating internships, part-time employment, and career opportunities. Our staff is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of every student through all phases of their career development. We will encourage individual personal discoveries, including those learned from a range of life experiences as well as from their academic setting.

Your role in career development

Parents have an integral role in assisting their student in making successful academic and career decisions:

  • Listen to your student's ideas, hopes and fears, and remain open-minded
  • Support their exploration of interests, majors and career paths, even if it is not what you imagined
  • Encourage your student to begin career planning early, and visit the Career Development Center to investigate available programs and services
  • Help your student develop decision-making skills. Look at available options, weigh the benefits and disadvantages, make a tentative decision, and try it out!
  • Emphasize the importance of internships, job shadowing, volunteering, informational interviewing, and part-time and summer employment experiences
  • Discuss career-related issues, such as trendy jobs, way of life, salary, and working in a field you enjoy.
  • Discuss the value of networking with people in careers of interest
  • Encourage your student to connect with faculty (make an office visit, ask questions), utilize available campus resources, and become involved in extracurricular activities

Important links to help your student succeed

Your student will want to access jobs, internships as well as choosing a major and career planning resources. CareerLINK will be their online portal to access all of our services, and when your student is ready to meet with a Career Counselor they can request an appointment through CareerLINK or drop-in for advising.