Connect: Why an internship?

For many employers, good grades and the right college major are just not enough. They seek employees who have paid their dues in the working world. Some of the most important benefits to students include: gain career-related work experience, develop your professional skills and preferences, evaluate a career without committing yourself long-term, expand your professional network, and exposure to workplace situations not typically found in classroom experiences.

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

If you are seeking internships or full-time, professional employment , OCI brings prospective employers to the Career Development Center to interview and hire CSULB students and alumni. Also, employers increasingly utilize On-Campus Interviews to select internship candidates. Each year, these interviews result in employment or internships for scores of students and alumni. In fact, many company representatives who recruit at CSULB were hired as the result of an OCI interview.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Currently enrolled CSULB student or qualified alumnus.
  • Student seeking an internship or full-time employment.
  • Possess an active CareerLINK account and accurately maintain all fields in the Personal and Academic profiles.
  • Complete the online OCI Orientation to upgrade your CareerLINK account to include OCI job listings.
  • Have your resume reviewed by Career Center staff, then upload it into CareerLINK.
  • CSULB graduates are invited to use all Career Center services for one year following conference of their degrees. Less recent alumni who subscribe to full Career Center services (See Alumni Services) may also be eligible for OCI.

Note: OCI is a program designed to assist current or newly graduated students, however, there may be opportunities for alumni on a limited basis. Alumni eligibility for OCI interviews is determined by the specific employer posting the opportunity.

What's the advantage of participating in OCI?

  • Employers make a special effort to interview CSULB graduates and alumni. They come to campus to seek you out, to make it convenient for you. It may be the only time in your working life when that will happen.
  • Competition is reduced when you interview for jobs earlier than other college graduates. Some students wait until after the graduation ceremony to begin looking for work. OCI participants often have multiple job offers before or soon after graduating. The odds are significantly better to get an interview via OCI than in the open job market.

Complete the profile page. Enter the address of the email account you use most frequently. You now have access to CareerLINK.

Is it necessary to completely fill out the CareerLINK Personal and Academic Profiles?

If you participate in On-Campus Interviews, it is extremely important for you to complete all profile fields. Failure to do so will cause you to miss out on employment opportunities for which you are actually eligible. It is important that you keep this information updated and accurate. Updated academic profiles, current phone and email addresses are vital for this program. Important: Your CareerLINK personal and academic profiles are not automatically updated like your My CSULB account. You are responsible for manually updating your CareerLINK profiles so they are current and accurate.

In the CareerLINK Academic Profile, what does the term "Applicant Type" mean?

Applicant Type gives you three options: Graduating, Non-Graduating and Alumni. In CareerLINK, Graduating refers to students who are graduating in the current semester. Non-Graduating is the Applicant Type for students graduating in future semesters. Alumni refers to individuals who have already received their degrees.

Online OCI Orientation

Required to Upgrade Your CareerLINK Account to Include OCI Opportunities

Completion of an online OCI Orientation is required for all students and alumni who participate in On-Campus Interviews. Your CareerLINK account will upgraded to include OCI positions within one to two business days of the orientation completion.

To access the Online OCI Orientation (computer sound capability recommended):
  1. From CareerLINK click on On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program Orientation shortcut
  2. Complete the orientation and submit the completion form.

My CareerLINK account includes OCI jobs. Now How Do I Apply for an Interview?

  1. From CareerLINK click the navigation button at the top of the screen marked "Jobs & Internships"
  2. Click CareerLINK Jobs and then click on "Advanced Search"
  3. At the "Show Me" drop down list, select "All OCI Interviews" or " OCI Interviews I Qualify For"
  4. Click on the job titles that interest you and submit your resume and other requested documents

How do I upload my resume and other documents into CareerLINK?

  1. From the CareerLINK click on the "Documents" navigation button.
  2. Click "Add New"
  3. Label your resume (i.e. marketing resume or J Smith's resume)
  4. Use your browser to select and open the document file
  5. Click "Submit" to upload the document.

Note: To upload a copy your unofficial transcript, copy the document from My CSULB and paste it into Word, WordPad or other text editor. Save it to your desktop or My Documents, then use your browser to select the document and upload it to CareerLINK.

Once my resume is uploaded in CareerLINK, can employers see it just by scanning the database?

No. Employers only view your resume if you submit it to them. Career Development Center Corporate Partners are given access to resume books but only on a limited basis. Protecting your privacy is a high priority for the Career Development Center.

What is the difference between "Open" and "Preselect" interviews?

Open: Self-schedule an interview if you meet the employer's Screening Criteria on the job posting. Select your interview time on CareerLINK. This option is based on a first come, first served principle. No employer invitation is required for this type of interview.

Preselect: Submit your resume for an OCI position. The employer will review all resumes and select candidates to interview. You will be notified by email if you have been invited to an interview. Then schedule your interview time on CareerLINK. You must first be invited to schedule an interview on a Preselect interview. Employers use this interview type most frequently.

How do the "Preselect" interviews work?

The example below shows Schedule Details for a Preselect interview.

Interview Date (s)


Schedule Details

Schedule Type: Preselect
resume submission start date
10/1/2011 12:00 am
resume submission end date
11/4/2011 11:59 pm
Sign-Up Start Date
10/7/2011 12:00 am
Sign-Up End Date
11/10/2011 11:59 pm

  • Submit a resume until 11:59pm on the [Resume Submission End] date to be considered for a Preselect interview.
  • Employers review the documents and select their interview candidates after the [Resume Submission End] date,
  • How do I know if I'm invited to an interview? You will receive notification by e-mail very early in the morning of the [Sign-Up Start Date]. Then you may login to CareerLINK to select your interview time.
  • Sign-ups end at 11:59 pm on the [Sign-Up End Date] and the schedule closes .

Please note that the dates may change to accommodate the employer so check the dates that appear on the right hand side of the job description page under Schedule Details.

Why Am I Unable to Submit My Resume for Some Preselect Jobs?

You may not meet the employer's basic Screening Criteria for certain positions. You can review those requirements by looking on the right side of the job posting page beneath the Interview Date section . If you don't meet each criterion, CareerLINK provides a [non-qualify because] message under Application Status at the right, top of the job posting page. See the examples below:

Application Status
Non-qualify because:
  • Your major is not among those specified for this position.
Screening Criteria
OCI Screening: Majors/Concentrations
Business Economics, International Studies
OCI Screening: Graduation Date (Start)
Dec 2010 - August 2011
OCI Screening: Degree Level(s)
OCI Screening: Work Authorization
US Citizen, Permanent Resident
OCI Screening: Applicant Type
Graduating, Alumni (graduating means you are graduating in the current semester.)

How do I prepare for an interview?

How should I dress for the interview?

Professional attire is required for these interviews.

When in doubt about what to wear, make the more conservative choice or consult with a career counselor.

Suggested Attire:

For Men:

  • suit or sports coat and tie are preferable
  • dress shirt, dress slacks, tie, without a jacket are acceptable
  • dress shoes and dark socks.

For Women:

  • suit (skirt or pants) is preferable
  • tailored blouse with dress slacks or a skirt without a jacket is acceptable
  • closed-toe dress shoes with a low to medium heel and hose.

When should I arrive for the interview?

Arrive at the Career Development Center, 250 Brotman Hall, 10 - 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Check in at the On-Campus Interview kiosk by keying in your student I.D. number. Have a seat in the lobby and wait for the interviewer to call your name.

How do I cancel an interview appointment?

Hopefully you will not have to cancel but if you must, you have up to 2 days prior to the interview to self-cancel the interview in CareerLINK. If cancelling within 2 days or less of your interview, call (562) 985-8468 or (562) 985-4151 and we will notify the employer. IMPORTANT: Short notice cancellations should occur only in case of an extreme emergency.

To cancel an OCI interview in CareerLINK (must be more than 2 days prior to the interview.):

  1. From CareerLINK click on the My OCI Interviews navigation button at the top of your screen
  2. Select the Scheduled Interviews tab (not the Requested Interviews tab)
  3. Select the Reschedule or Cancel button

What are the consequences of a no-show, no-call for a scheduled interview?

A No Show, No Call on a scheduled OCI interview reflects poorly on you and this university and may result in the loss of your OCI and CareerLINK privileges. You may also be required to write a note of apology to the employer.

Job Fairs

A job fair provides an opportunity for students to meet with a large number of employers, in one setting, who are specifically seeking CSULB students for the purpose of employment. Companies may have entry-level (or higher) career openings, part-time positions and/or paid and volunteer internships. Be prepared to make a good first impression and prove that you've researched the employers of interest. Dress appropriately and bring copies of your resume.

For more help:

For questions, fill out our on-line form or call (562) 985-4151.

2018 - Fall Events

Engineering & Technology Career Fair

  • Wednesday, 9/26/18
  • 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • USU Ballrooms
  • Career Fair targeting recruitment of full-time, part-time, and paid internship opportunities in Engineering and Technology
  • List of attendees

Fall Job & Internship Fair - Day 1

  • Wednesday, 10/17/18
  • 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • USU Ballrooms
  • General Career Fair to recruit full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities across all majors
  • List of attendees

Fall Job & Internship Fair - Day 2

  • Thursday, 10/18/18
  • 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • USU Ballrooms
  • General Career Fair to recruit full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities across all majors
  • List of attendees

2019 - Spring Events

Health, Human, & Public Services Career Fair

  • Thursday, 2/7/19
  • 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • USU Ballrooms
  • Career Fair for recruitment of candidates interested in full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities in the healthcare, social services, government, and non-profit fields

Business Job & Internship Fair

  • Wednesday, 2/27/19
  • 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • USU Ballrooms
  • Career Fair marketed to all majors for full time and internship opportunities in business fields: accounting, finance, financial services, insurance, real estate, sales, marketing, general management, retail management, and operations

Hospitality Career Expo

  • Wednesday, 3/13/19
  • 12:00 - 3:00 PM
  • USU Ballrooms
  • Career Fair for recruitment needs of restaurants, hotels and lodging, food services, entertainment venues, and other hospitality-related organizations

Educators’ Job Fair

  • Friday, 4/19/19
  • 12:00 - 4:00 PM
  • USU Ballrooms
  • Career Fair for recruitment needs of school districts, charter and magnet schools, plus additional education and youth-focused organizations

Past Events


  • CareerLINK - Exclusive CSULB Jobs & Internship
  • NACElink Job Board – Search national job postings offered by Direct Employers Association
  • Going Global - Worldwide job & internship listings & career information
  • OptimalResume - Create and manage resumes
  • Interview Stream – Get ready for your job interview; record, review and practice interviewing
  • NACE Salary Calculator – Job salary estimator

More Internship Search Engines

General Internship Search for All Majors

Diversity Internships

  • HACU: Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Internship Program in government and private industry.
  • INROADS: Internships for talented minority youth, to prepare them for corporate and community leadership.
  • Nascar Diversity Internship: Internship opportunities in broadcasting, communications, design, engineering, event management, marketing, public relations, technology.
  • T. Howard Foundation: Non-profit, charitable organization dedicating to increasing diversity in the multimedia and entertainment industry.

Internships Outside of California