Gender and Ethnic Studies

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General Description

Gender and ethnic studies programs examine and reexamine the ideas about gender and ethnic cultures in society. The programs offer an interdisciplinary education that develops and refines skills in creative and critical thinking, analyzing, researching and understanding people and institutions in different communities. The aim of gender and ethnic studies programs is to broaden our awareness, knowledge and understanding of gender or ethnic groups and their history, culture, literature and contribution to society.

Career Options

Graduates with backgrounds in gender and ethnic studies majors have found work as: Social Scientist, Archivist, Social Worker, Journalist, Counselor, Teacher, Public Relations Consultant, Community Organizer, School Administrator, Linguist, Parole Officer, Probation Officer, Editor, Writer, Urban/Regional Planner, Public Policy Administrator, Foreign Policy Officer, and Researcher. Various entry-level trainee positions in business and industry are available for graduates regardless of academic discipline.

Typical Employers

Colleges and universities, government agencies, museums, publishers, public interest groups, labor unions, newspapers/magazines, advertising agencies, private and public schools or community-based organizations.

Salary and Employment Outlook

Employment opportunities will vary with the occupation, specialty, person's background, experience and interest. Individuals interested in teaching will need to obtain a teaching credential or an advanced degree.

Salaries vary and depend on factors such as level of experience, skills, type of employer and geographic location. Consult the Career Development Center for current local and national salary information.

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