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Student Learning Outcomes Report 2010-2011

California State University, Long Beach
Student Learning Outcomes Report 2010-2011
Prepared: May 13, 2011


Student Learning Outcomes SLO) Statement: 75% of the students, who participated in a series of counseling appointments in Academic Year 2008-09 and Academic Year 2009-10 regarding the career/major decision-making process, will have made a decision about their major or about their career.

From September 2008 through May 2010, the CDC administered 795 Counseling Pre-Assessment Intake forms to students prior to their first counseling appointments. Approximately 3-5 weeks after the students’ first appointments they were sent an e-mail containing a web-based post-assessment survey, including the same questions.

Counseling Appointments
Counseling Appointment Type Percentages
Career decision-making 45%
Clarifying career goals 55%

March of 2011 511 students were sent a 2nd web-based post assessment, including the same questions approximately one year later or more. 52 respondents completed the post-assessment survey, at a rate of 10%. (511 are the number of students we were able to reach with active email addresses).

Post Assessment Results
Actions Taken Percentages
Declared a major 92%
Made a decision about their career 62%
Participation by Class Level
Class Level Number of replies Percentages
Alumni 4 8%
Senior 19 36%
Junior 15 29%
Sophomore 11 21%
Freshman 0 0%
N/A 3 6%
What services at the Career Development Center have you used?
What services have you used? Number of replies Percentages
Attended Employer hosted Information Session 9 17%
Attended one or more job fairs 9 17%
Attended one or more workshops (Resume Writing, Job Search, Interviewing Skills) 14 27%
Career Resource Library Drop-In Advising 31 60%
Internship Office Drop-In 2 4%
On-Campus Interviews 6 12%
Out of the actions you have taken, which were the most useful?
Which actions were the most useful? Number of replies Percentages
Actively researched internships 8 15%
Analyzed my data by considering the pros and cons of different options 10 19%
Compiled my research to assist in my decision-making 8 15%
Narrowed down my choices or options 17 33%
Participated in an internship 3 5%
Researched information available on the internet, magazines, and other print materials to become familiar with careers/majors 17 33%
Spoken with a Career Counselor 42 81%
Spoken with a professional in my field of interest for information 6 12%
Utilized books and/or other resources in the Career Development Center to research majors or career options 11 21%

Student Learning Outcomes SLO Statement: 75% of the senior level students graduating in May 2011 who complete the On-Campus Interview online orientation will demonstrate their ability to identify and apply for multiple on-campus interviews.

Measurement: Compiled a Symplicity Report on student’s multiple submissions of resumes for preselect or open interviews.

Undergraduate students with May, 2011 graduation dates in their BeachLINK profiles who have completed the OCI Online Orientation: 424

Undergraduate students with May, 2011 graduation dates who have applied to multiple on-campus interviews: 127

Percentage of graduating seniors who completed the OCI Orientation and demonstrated their ability to identify and apply for multiple OCI interviews: 30%

Note: When factoring in graduate students and students who applied to only one interview, the result increases to 59%.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Statement: As a result of participating in a workshop for interview preparation, students will identify six components to prepare for a professional interview.

The components are:

The Career Center collected a total of 124 pre- and post-assessments for the Interview Preparation workshops. Students attending the presentation were first asked to complete the pre-assessment prior to the start of the presentation. The workshop was then given and the post-assessment was administered immediately afterwards. Below is a summary of the results:

Participation by Class Level
Class Level Number of replies Percentages
Freshman 44 38%
Sophomore 4 3.5%
Junior 5 4%
Senior 46 40%
Grad student 10 8.6%
Alumni 6 5.2%
Other 1 0.86%
Breakdown of correct responses
Responses Pre - Assessment post - Assessment
Researching the company 73 110
Conducting a personal assessment of skills and experiences 16 87
Rehearsing questions and responses 46 97
Presenting all information in a positive light 9 95
Preparing questions to ask the employer 19 92
Expressing enthusiasm for the job 8 87
Dressing professionally 74 103
Practicing professional business etiquette (No cell phones, gum chewing, etc). 22 93
Following up with a thank you card or email 8 99

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Statement: As a result of participation in SRL: 210L Leadership in the Workplace, students identify and measure 1 to 3 learning objectives related to their internship experience.

A total of 31 students enrolled in SRL 210L Leadership in the Workplace for Spring 2011.

28 students created 3 learning objectives at the beginning of their internship related to their internship experience.

26 students rated themselves on the degree to which they have accomplished each learning objective at the end of the semester on a scale of 1-5 (1=not accomplished to 5=accomplished).

Student Self- Evaluation of the degree they accomplished their learning objectives (scale of 1-5)
Student Self- Evaluation Mean Median Mode
Learning Objectives 4.44 5 5